• What is Glaucoma?

    Glaucoma is an eye disease if not detected and treated can lead to significant visual loss and even blindness. Glaucoma often evolves with no warning signs. It has been aptly named the "sneak thief of sight." Minor difficulty with eye aches, blurred vision, colored halos or diminished side vision are possible symptoms. Many times symptoms go unnoticed and only occur with advanced disease.

    There is no cure for glaucoma but glaucoma can be managed and your eyesight can be saved. Treatment may be a balance of medications in the form of eye drop regime, laser, or microsurgery to control ocular pressure.

  • Innovative Research

    Specialty Eyecarè Centre is unique in that we have our own research department enabling us to remain on the forefront of innovative glaucoma research. Collaborating with other specialists around the globe and sharing this unique quest for knowledge requires commitment to hours of ongoing education. Active participation in research and development of new medicines, diagnostic equipment and surgical procedures, continually contribute to advancements in better eye health.

    Latest Technological Advances

    Specialty Eyecarè Centre continually invests in the finest quality medical instrumentation available. Positioned at the apex of technology with a full complement of nerve and retinal scans, our specialists can detect even the subtlest changes in our patient's eyes. Without this technology, such minute changes remain invisible to even the most skilled and well-trained doctors.

  • Ambulatory Surgical Center

    Specialty Eyecarè Centre is a state of the art glaucoma practice with one of the first ambulatory surgical centers (ASC) in the country right on sight. Whether your surgery is best performed in the hospital or ASC is based on the complexity of your medical and surgical needs. Our ASC offers patients a more comfortable, affordable environment with access to world-class technology providing safe and in almost all cases, painless surgery with faster recovery times.

    Laser Surgery

    Lasers have revolutionized the treatment of eye diseases like glaucoma. Laser treatments heal faster and are a safe accepted alternative to some surgeries. Hospitalization is not required transferring into considerable time and financial savings for our patients.

    Our Dedication

    With over two decades of glaucoma expertise, Specialty Eyecarè Centre continues expanding our commitment to the protection and preservation of the precious gift of sight. After treating thousands of glaucoma patients yearly, we never forget the importance of treating each patient with complete indivual focus.

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