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Eye Exam TechnologyOne of the unique features Specialty Eyecare Centrè is especially proud of is our commitment to being involved with the development of innovative and cutting-edge medical advances. This has not been a new phase in the growth of Specialty Eyecare Centré, but rather, a core part of the mission of the practice for over 25 years.

When many of us think of research, we think about test tube experiments and mice. Most people do not want to be a guinea pig or sacrificial lamb given up for the sake of science. Nothing could be further from the truth. Research takes many forms and the studies Dr. Barnebey and his team have made available in both our Bellevue location provide many opportunities for our patients that offer direct and immediate benefits to them.

When looking at a unique medical practice which offers research as part of its core foundation, it is important to realize what benefit this brings to the overall patient experience. First of all, very few Cataract and Glaucoma practices in our Bellevue area are approved to provide the research experience we have made available to patients. There are additional commitments that happen behind the scenes which most people are unaware. There is the condition to work with an independent patient advocate group referred to as an Institutional Review Board. There is the need to provide for a research study coordinator. There is also the added commitment that the entire medical staff participates in advanced training in research-above and beyond the usual intensive education that our staff already participates in. Finally, there is the obligation of the medical staff to select and develop those studies which will truly advance our knowledge and treatment in eye diseases, most especially related to Glaucoma.

Howard Barnebey, MD is proud to offer one of the premier research facilities in the northwest. Over the years Specialty Eyecare Centrè has participated with the National Eye Institute, University of Washington, and well respected companies specializing in eyecare including Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Alcon Laboratories, Merck, Sharp and Dohme Research Laboratories and iScience Interventional.

So if you are thinking about trusting your vision to an ophthalmology practice in Bellevue area, consider one which offers research and recognize that you a picking a practice that is among a handful of the best special practices committed to offer premium care.

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